“Musings on the future of books”

​”In my imaginative life as a writer of fiction, I have always strived to come up with some idea that might invest my novels with something so unique, original and insightful that it could plant the seeds of durability and ensure that my books attract readers beyond my lifetime!.


It  was a promise between two families. The first granddaughter of the Burns family will give her hand in marriage to the first grandson of the Reid family.

            Harper Burns was never allowed to date or even have guy friends around her. Throughout her life, she was either in a private girls school or home schooled. Even her brothers were not allowed to bring their friends over to the house.

           Harper never understood why but she always gave in to her grandfather’s wishes for she loves him much more than anything. The moment she turned 21, everything changed. Her bags were packed and she was sent to the Reid household where she will learn to be a great wife to Zaan Reid.
              Zaan Reid has no choice but to comply to his grandfather’s wishes in order to receive his inheritence but he has found a way out of this. They did not say that the marriage was to last forever. The moment she entered the house, he slammed the prenuptial agreement on the table and forced her to sign it.

          It’s hard to decide our own freedom, specially when our families control us.We can’t choose our own happiness because we should to follow them even it’s hurt! To prove them that we are responsible grand daughter, withere we like it or not. So, as I say, we are only a grand daughter but being a grand daughter it’s not fear. “We have a righ”!!